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How the Timezone Settings Work

Solution On the settings page the server timezone is displayed as a reference for users, so you know what timezone the server is running. This option cannot be changed.

All the date/time info is stored in the database using the server timezone.

Then, when data/stats/reports/trends are displayed, they are automatically adjusted to match the user's timezone. That's why we have the dropdown control where users select the appropriate timezone for their location.

If the server is on GMT-6 and the user is on GMT-4, this means that a correction of +2 hours must be added to each date/time retrieved from the database.

If a click is registered at 3 PM server time, CPV Lab will display 5 PM as the time for the click. The time was adjusted by adding 2 hours.

That is how it works with all the date/times in CPV Lab. We need to know the server timezone and the user timezone in order to calculate the time offset between the two and make the required adjustments.

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