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Landing Page Sequence Setup Issues Checklist

Solution If you're setting up a Landing Page sequence campaign and you're having some issues while testing out your campaign, I have a few tips for you:

Setup Campaign:
Lead Capture in Sequence set to YES
Thank You Page Tracking set to OFFER


***Make sure all base links are in the same format as the campaign url...either as http:// or http://www. It must be the same throughout.

***Make sure unique ids have been set for each landing page and offer.

Enter Level 1 Landing Pages
link to level 2 using

Enter Level 2 Landing Pages
link to level 3 using

Linking to Offers:
Option 1 -
Option 2 -

Don't forget to use base3 links for offers, these settings must be selected regardless of using an optin in the campaign or not. This is recommended though as it allows for easy future expansion to add optin forms if needed.

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