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I Want to Move CPV Lab to A Different Domain

Solution You can easily move CPV Lab to another domain, just follow these steps:

1. Get the database script from the Settings page, Backup Database section from the old server. This will be a single file with the 'sql' extension

2. Copy all files under CPV Lab directory from the old server to the new location

3. Rename the file downloaded at Step 1 to 'cpvlabscript.sql' and upload it in the root of the new installation (on the new server)

4. Continue with the normal installation instructions:
- Give write permissions to 'logger' folder and to 'db_params.php' and 'license.php' files
- Run the install.php page and fill all the details on this page
The install.php page will recreate the database using the SQL statements downloaded from the previous installation.

Note: If you don't have the install.php page anymore on the old server, then take it from the installation package you received when purchasing the application.

It's a pretty simple process that is very much like the normal installation process.

Once you move everything over to the new domain, you'll need to submit a ticket to the help desk so that we can reset the license.

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