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Error Message When Installing

Solution If you see this type of error message after filling in the install page details:

Warning: fopen(.../public_html/license/license.php) [function.fopen]:
failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
.../public_html/CPV_Lab_Installation_Files/install.php on line 0
No access to file license.php

Make sure all your file permissions have been edited and also check the Install Directory field.

What to enter in the Install Directory Field?

If you install directly in the domain root, then the Installation Directory field is left blank.

If you install in subfolder (like <>), then the Installation Directory is the subfolder ('cpvtrack' in this example).

If you install in multiple levels of subfolders (like <>), then the Installation Directory consists of all the subfolders ('scripts/cpvtrack' in this example).

If you install in subdirectory (like <>), then most of the times the Installation Directory must be left blank. This is what I've seen in all Linux environments where I've tested the install.

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