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How Do I Upload Converting SubID's?

Solution To update your stats with converting subids:

-Hover over stats and select 'Update Stats with Converting Subids'.
-Select the campaign that you want to upload the subids to.
-Enter the converting subids, one per line.

*NOTE* Remove existing Conversions for the selected campaign: If you DO check that box, it erases ALL converting subids for all time and if you're only uploading subids for let's say 'today', it only shows your current conversions for today and all of your old conversions will be LOST unless you upload converting subids for ALL TIME every time. So this checkbox should be used very carefully. If you just upload the subids and do NOT check that box it only counts as one conversion, so that is the preferred method of uploading subids.

-Hit save after you've made all of your changes.

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