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Optimize Your CPV Lab Hosting

Solution If you are looking to optimize your CPV Lab hosting in terms of Apache, Mysql and PHP, your hosting server/VPS should meet server requirements:

1. Linux Server
2. VPS (recommended) or Dedicated Hosting
3. PHP 5.2 or Above
4. MySQL 5.1 or Above
5. Minimum 60 MB of disk space
6. IonCube Loader installed on the server

Server Optimization Recommendations

- Make sure your server is optimized using the information on page 72 of the user guide:

You can send that page to your web admin if you have managed hosting.

- Make sure you have current versions of MySQL and PHP installed on your server.

- Remove any old campaigns that you are no longer use or need for anything.

- Delete clicks from the campaigns that are not needed anymore

- Delete old clicks from current campaigns

- Increase the memory allocated for the MySQL processes

- Make sure you have a solid server in place with good amount of RAM.. Canít go wrong with 1024MB of RAM or more depending on your overall volume.

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