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How to track banner ads' impressions and clicks

Solution When you receive the offer link from your affiliate network in a form like this, for example:

<a href="">
<img src="" border="0" width="430" height="600">

Here is how you can track clicks and impressions for your Ad banners:
What you can do is setup a single campaign, whichever one suits your needs.

1. You will enter the URL from the <img> tag:
(http:// as the Landing Page in your campaign setup

2. And add the URL from the <a href> tag:
( as the Offer page in your campaign setup.

3. Then your HTML piece will become:
<a href=””;>
<img src=”http:// /base.php?c= xxx&key=xxxxxx” border=”0” width=”430” height=”600”> </a>

So the img tag is replaced with your newly created campaign URL, and the <a href> is replaced with the base2.php code.

When a visitor comes to this page the Campaign URL gets executed and loads the Landing Page, which will be the banner image. Also a View is recorded in this step.

If the visitor clicks on the banner, the base2.php page gets called, the Offer page is loaded and a click is recorded in CPV Lab.

So you can track both Views and Clicks in the same campaign.

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Tracking_Banner_Ads_1.png Tracking_Banner_Ads_1.png
Tracking_Banner_Ads_2.png Tracking_Banner_Ads_2.png

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