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Peerfly conflicting "&id" and "&subid" tokens

Solution Peerfly should have a shortlink for you to use where you can just append the subid to the offer url.

If not, we've made the following change to fix the issue:

- by default the ‘id’ parameter is not passed by the base pages to the next page (either LP or Offer Page)
- if you want to force the base page to pass the ‘id’ parameter, then you will call that specific base page with the following parameter: ‘&clpi=true’

For example:
- we have the following offer page:
- the above offer page is placed in the first option group of a Multiple Option Page Campaign

The problem was that the first option group was called with: base2.php?id=1, then base2.php page passed the ‘id’ parameter and the offer page URL ended up like:

Which may mess up the offer pages for some networks (like Peerfly).

After applying the new base pages, the ‘id’ parameter will not be passed by the ‘base2.php’ page, so the offer URL will be exactly what the network wants:

This will be done by default by the new base pages, so no change is required from you or any other user that was having this issue.

If you want to pass this ‘id’ parameter (maybe you need it for tracking), then you will have to call the base page like:

By adding ‘&clpi=true’ the base pages knows to pass the ‘id’ parameter to the offer page.

You should replace the current files on your CPV Lab installation with these in the attachment and no other change will be needed in your campaigns.

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