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Media Traffic Setup

Solution Media Traffic is a little different from most traffic networks. Here are a couple of things to check before you launch a campaign:

1. In order to track URLs and Keywords, there is an option to activate “Tagret Pass Through” within Media Traffic. You need to make sure you’ve selected that option, or else the Keywords/URLs will NOT get tracked.

2. Add Media Traffic as a CPV Network in CPV Lab:

Go to settings--—>CPV Networks

Source: MediaTraffic

Source ID: You can actually name it what you'd like. This is for your reference (Such as MT for the initials)

Keyword Token: target_passthrough

The first screenshot that is attached shows how you should setup Media Traffic in the CPV Networks page.

The second screenshot shows what your campaign setup page should look like once you’ve selected Media Traffic as your predefined source.

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MT_CPV_Settings.PNG MT_CPV_Settings.PNG
Media_Traffic.png Media_Traffic.png

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