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Adding Additional Pixels

Solution The 3rd party pixel feature allows you to enter multiple pixels from other sources…such as traffic sources.

You simply enter the pixel urls you would like to fire or call, when your CPV Lab pixel is fired.

The additional pixels/postback URLs should usually be entered only as URLs without any type of HTML or additional coding. Some networks systems require just the URL to be placed as they automatically add the needed HTML code and tags. Add one pixel URL per line.

However, in some cases you need to add the additional pixels in HTML format. This greatly depends on how the 3rd party source needs the pixels to be placed. For example, POF usually requires the pixels added in HTML format.

*NOTE* If you choose to add third party pixels, you will need to use the iFrame version of the CPV Lab pixel and place it at your affiliate network(s) rather than the normal Image Pixel. Without the iFrame pixel, the 3rd party pixels will NOT fire.

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