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Neverblue Setup

Solution What you need to do when you use CPV Lab with Neverblue affiliate network:

1. Make sure you have the subid token that neverblue uses added to the end of your offer url which is &subid= with no value after '='

2. Also, make sure that you check 'Pass SubID to offer' in the campaign setup page

3. Add the CPV Lab image pixel to your Neverblue account to track should look something like this:

You can get the accurate image pixel url from the codes in the bottom of your campaign setup page.

If you happen to see either of these two error messages:

1. "The parameter “c” must be numeric"
2. "The parameter “test” must be numeric"

These two error messages appear when either:

A) The Subid token that Neverblue uses is not present in the offer URL.

B) You are clicking on the 'Test Link' in CPV Lab. Instead, you have to copy the campaign URL and load in your browser. When you click “test link” it only shows your Landing Page and it will not redirect to your offer page…this was done intentionally to prevent test clicks from showing in your stats.

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