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Offer URL is not redirecting and extra code appears

Solution When testing your campaign, if the offer URL gives a blank or error page and you notice that there are extra characters appended to the end of URL like: t1c8qrco_34_16660, that is because you have the 'Pass SubID to Offer' box checked in your campaign setup page.

This is used to pass unique subids that CPV Lab generates for each click to the offer network. This is also helpful to later upload the converting subids to CPV Lab which updates your stats.

To get SubIDs passed to the offer network correctly, and to get the link to function properly, you need to add a subid token to the end of the offer url with no value after '='. Usually the token looks something like: &subid= or &sid=. You can always get the proper token from your AM.

If you don't want to use this feature or your offer network doesn't support it, you can uncheck 'Pass SubID to offer' box.. this will make your links redirect correctly to the offer, but it will prevent the subid click info from getting passed along to the offer network.

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